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022 cruel truth

Cars parked in the apartment downstairs Shen Xi years to live, the driver quickly got off, opened the door, courtesy of Shen Xi please get off, but after she got off year, but did not leave immediately, but stood next to the door, looked at the sitting Research in the side of men report's data Actually ...... She said: ? If no unexpected encounter today, the Greek city and Luo Annie, you are going to let me know your relationship with her, is not cheap jerseys supply it

Bai Yao down in the report, the mouth of a hook, the action moves to Shen Xi elegant side in this, get off, stand in front of Shen Xi-year repair Long pulp gently brought back to her chin, You are a wise man, some so, I do not need to point out.

I'm not smart, but I'm a fool! Shen Xi year turned, self-deprecating in Bo Yao changed the position, leaning against the car and stand, arms free ride on the door, revealing the lazy ease and rigorous work is not the same thing . He said: Do you understand what I say is on the line.

! I do not understand, Shen Xi year but said: If you let me know your relationship with the Greek city, I hope my brokerage contract back her hand ......

Originally, I really have this intention, but now it seems wholesale nfl jerseys supply she do not care. In Bo Yao interrupted Shen Xi years, then you really care about her? Shen Xi year asked in Bo Yao silence Shen Xi years thought he was a default, sidewalk: If this is the then Annie Luo What kind?

In Bai Yao look in vain for a cold, and then slowly said:. Annie told you different, is not a person on the basis of no value to compare when I praised nfl jerseys supply you because Gu Greek city wants you to red; and Gu Greek city to take care of Annie, because I want her to Pengxin Yuu.

Shen Xi cheap nfl jerseys supply year: ......

So, who wants to holding, who want to make red, this is my final say, even Gu Greek city Zuobulezhu. Did you think of her eccentric Annie, leaving her completely unnecessary. This is what I would today go to you about, you want to convey to you. You understand? Bai Yao year with such a playful tone, telling the truth in a very cruel Bo Yao, then, from the inside out, reveals, and Annie Luo are on special and partial chong. This makes Shen Xi echoed in my mind a year ago after it happened, Gu Greek city of saying 'Shen Xi years, this thing wholesale jerseys supply to my end here, if you want to survive, then Bijin your mouth, take it to rot in the stomach, if it was the third person to know that you will not even know how to die! '

Gratuitous, Shen Xi year shivers, long time, she said: ? So ...... we are all pieces, and you are manipulating people globally, is not it.

In Bo Yao Shen Xi year brutal nod nod, I understand! In Mr. Goodbye.

Turn left at the moment, but was in Bo Yao grabbed the wrist, and then pulled into the arms, taking advantage of her shock at her ear and said: I have always admired Miss Shen intelligence to understand retreat since it is clever. person, you know how to select.